SGA - How to Access Your Money

2.3.2 Budget Transfer Intervals and Signatory Requirements

For Membership Fees (Commissions, Offices, SAGS):

  • - Budget Transfer over $500 must follow USAC guides
  • - Require FiCom's signature

For ASUCLA BOD Interaction, USA Programming Fund:

  • - Budget Transfer not to EXCEED 10% of group's total allocation (per USAC Programming Fund guidelines)
  • - Require Budget Review Director's signature

For CS Mini-Fund:

  • - Budget Transfer not to EXCEED 20% of group's total allocation (per UASF, Undergraduate Academic Success Fund, guidelines)
  • - Require CS Mini-Fund Chair's signature

For Contingency:

  • - Originates only from FiCom's office
  • - Requires FiCom's signature

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