SGA - How to Access Your Money

2.5.2 Requesting a Cash Advance

Cash Advances are issued for a variety of reasons. For example, if a student government representative is traveling on Association business, s/he may need funds to cover travel expenses such as bus fare or meals (approved in advance in accordance with the per diem guidelines). Advances are also needed occasionally to purchase items at off-campus locations for a related project or program. Student Government Accounting will issue a check from a completed Requisition made payable to an Individual or the Vendor. The person authorized to pick-up the check will be responsible for returning the receipts.

To receive a Cash Advance: Complete a requisition form including the Payee (individual or vendor), a complete mailing address and telephone number. Include details on the nature of your purchases and a quote from the vendor, if possible. Cash Advances for retreat facilities costs require a list of attendees, agenda, statement of purpose, and facility contract. Advances for conferences require registration forms and the agenda.

- If the payee is an Individual, that person is responsible for returning the receipts and/or the balance of the advance within two (2) weeks of the issuance of the check.

- If the payee is a Vendor, the person authorized to pick-up the check is responsible for returning the receipts and/or the balance of the advance within two (2) weeks of the issuance of the check.

Cash Advances cannot be mailed to the payee. They must be picked-up in person at Student Government Accounting, 332 Kerckhoff Hall, after 4:00pm on the day of issuance (a Tuesday or Friday). You must bring a UCLA Student ID for cash advance pick-up.

Receipts that qualify as support for expenditures must meet the following specific criteria as established by ASUCLA and University auditors.

The Receipts must:

  • - specify the name of the store where the purchases occurred.
  • - provide a complete list of the purchase items.
  • - indicate the date of the purchase.
  • - be marked "Paid" by the vendor.
  • - be those which the vendor normally issues during the course of business.
  • - cash register receipts must list the items purchased next to the amounts.
  • - Xerox copies are not acceptable as support for expenditures.

If receipts are not turned in, the advance is normally considered unsettled. In the event that this occurs, the account upon which the funds were drawn could be frozen and/or the person's University records placed on HOLD until the matter is cleared. Under circumstances when receipts are lost or unobtainable, a written verification from an independent third party is acceptable. The statement must include the goods purchased, the name of the event, date, and the location of the event. This written statement must be co-signed by the appropriate Commissioner/Officer and the Finance Committee Chair.

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