SGA - How to Access Your Money

2.5.3 Guidelines for Honoraria Payments

Periodically a program will wish to contact a speaker or performer to appear at one of its events. With all Honorarium payments, a performance agreement or contract (available in Student Government accounting or online) and W-9 form must accompany the requisition.

The Performance Agreement/Contract must include the following information:

  • - Name and complete address of performer.
  • - Date, Time of Hiring, and the Location of the performance.
  • - Agreed amount that the performer is to receive for their services.
  • - The performer's Social Security or Tax I.D. Number.
  • - The numbers 1-9 on the appropriate blank line, indicating that the performer has read paragraphs 1-9 on the back of the Agreement.
  • - The signature of the Finance Committee Chair, Commissioner/Register Student Organization Official and Project Director.

The Performance Agreement must be signed by the performer or their authorized representative prior to the performance. A requisition must be filled out with the same information and submitted to Student Government Accounting, along with the performance agreement and W-9 form in advance of the scheduled performance date. Student Government Accounting liens the program's honorarium account for the amount and submits the performance agreement to the Student Support Services Division Manager for signature. Only after the USA Official and the Student Support Services Division Manger have signed the performance agreement is it legally binding. Other oral or written commitments purporting to bind ASUCLA or the University is not legally binding and cannot be honored.

Upon the receipt of your completed requisition, Performance Agreement and W-9 form, the check is drawn for the honorarium payment. According to your instructions, the check is either mailed to the performer's address or held for pick-up at Student Government Accounting, 332 Kerckhoff Hall. Checks are not released until the day closest to the performance. If someone other than the payee is to pick-up the check, you must state their name on the requisition (section 8).

Honorarium payments are made only by check and cannot be cashed on campus.

Please Note: A Non-Resident State Tax of 7%, and/or a Non-Resident Federal Tax of 30% will be assessed on honorarium payments that exceed $1,500.

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