SGA - How to Access Your Money

2.2 How to Complete a General Requisition and Payment Order (REQ)

The req is divided into 13 numbered sections. You must complete each section that is applicable to the expenditure and enter "N/A" in each section that is not applicable. The req must be fully completed before it can be approved. A quick overview, Req 101, can be found here (PDF). A step by step tutorial (PPS) is also available.

The following describes the information that should be included in each section of the req:

Sec. 1: Fill in your name, the date, and a telephone number where you can be reached in case you need to be contacted for questions.

Sec. 2: Fill in the complete name, address, zip code/Campus Mail Code, and telephone number of the vendor or person to be paid.

Sec. 3: This section will be completed by Student Government Accounting.

Sec. 4: Fill in the name and the USA department number to which you want this expenditure charged.

Sec. 5: If your completed req is to pay an Honorarium to a performer for services rendered, enter the Social Security Number or the Tax I.D. number on this line. (Please note: Attach the completed performance agreement and W-9 Form to your req form)

Sec. 6: This section will be completed by Student Government Accounting.

Sec. 7: Mark the box for the appropriate action to be taken. For details, refer to the handbook section 2.5 titled "Check Disbursements."

Sec. 8: Mark the box for the appropriate action to be taken, authorized in Section 7. Be sure to enter a requested completion date. If the Check/Purchase Order is to be picked up, be sure to type the full name(s) of the authorized person(s) picking up the check.

Sec. 9: Enter the appropriate quantity of each item if applicable.

Sec. 10: In this section, you must provide a complete and detailed description of the goods (itemized list), or services you are purchasing. On the "RE" line, fill in a one sentence summary of your purchase. Include the event name, location, date and time in the box below section 10.

Sec. 11: Enter the appropriate unit price and total price for each item you are purchasing. Be sure to subtotal the purchase, and enter the 20% discount or the appropriate sales tax (8.25%) if applicable.

Sec. 12: Enter the total amount of the purchase on this line.

Sec. 13: Enter your group's 21 digit account number and the amount you wish to draw from that account. You may list up to 4 account numbers per REQ. The sum of the dollar amounts listed on each line should equal the total amount listed in section 12.

APPROVALS: Each commissioner should sign on the appropriate line and submit the REQ to the appropriate funding source chairperson (i.e. the Finance Committee Chair, Budget Review Director, or CS Mini Fund Chairperson).

Attached Documentation

Every REQ must have the proper documentation before payment can be authorized. Examples of proper documentation are: the original receipts (photocopied receipts are not acceptable), original invoice(s), original honorarium contracts (in some cases a faxed copy will be accepted). All documentation will be verified before any payment is made.

Obtaining Approval for the Requisition (REQ)

Once you have completed the REQ, submit it to either the Finance Committee Chair (Box #58), Budget Review Director (Box #24), or CS Mini Fund Chairperson (Box #41) (their mailboxes are located on the third floor of Kerckhoff Hall) depending on your group's funding source. Upon the receipt of your completed requisition, the ASUCLA Student Government Accounting Manager will review your REQ for completeness and validity of the attached documentation.

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