SGA - How to Access Your Money

2.1 Initiating the Requisition Process

To make an internal (ASUCLA) or external (UC Regents and outside vendors) purchase, or to obtain a cash advance, honorarium payment or a reimbursement check, you must use the "ASUCLA General Requisition and Payment Order" form. The requisition must be clearly filled out and must include complete and detailed information.

Contact your commission or office to obtain a blank requisition form. Additional forms are available in batches of ten for $1.00 (10 per req) at the Student Government Accounting Office at 332 Kerckhoff Hall. Only authorized individuals on the student organization's signatory form may purchase reqs.

In order to access your funds, you will need to know the 21 digit account number assigned to your group. Your account number and balance can be obtained by contacting SGA or by referencing the budget report that is updated weekly online.

For groups with Base Budget accounts, the commissioner or officers must have signatory power for expenditures within their areas of responsibility. If a commissioner or officer wishes to delegate limited signatory authority to a staff member of the group, he/she must submit the signatory form authorizing the individual's signatory power over the account to the SGA office before any reqs are processed. Groups receiving only Contingency, BOD/SIF, and CS Mini Fund funding do not need to submit a signatory form.

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