SGA - How to Access Your Money

2.3.1 G/L or Expense Line Item Codes

Your account number consists of 21 digits, which are grouped in a series of divisions. One such division is the "G/L Account" which is a number which specifies an expense line item, such as supplies or graphics. When completing a budget transfer or a req, you may find the following code numbers with title useful.

5001 Assistance

6010 Supplies

6020 Postage

6030 Telephones

6110 Graphics

6120 Daily Bruin Advertising

6125 Newsmagazines

6130 Newsletters

6135 Outside Advertising

6210 Travel

6212 Transportation (rentals)

6213 Retreats and Conferences

6214 Parking

6220 Programming

6310 Facilities

6410 Hospitality

6510 Honorarium

6755 Film Rental

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