SGA - How to Access Your Money

2.4 How to Obtain a Purchase Order


To make an Internal (ASUCLA departments) or External (UC Regents and all other Outside Vendors) purchase that will be billed at a later date, a Purchase Order must be issued to the vendor PRIOR to the EVENT.

Always ascertain if a vendor will accept a purchase order beforehand.

Upon the receipt of your completed requisition designating a request for a purchase order, Student Government Accounting will issue the Purchase Order to the vendor or hold it for pick-up (please indicate in Section 8 of the requisition).

How to get a Purchase Order

1. Fill out our Req with all sections completely filled out. See "How to Fill Out a Req" for further detailed instructions.

2. Turn your Req into your student organization's signatory.

3. After your Req is approved by the fund directors, they will submit your req to SGA.

4. The Req will then be processed as usual except, the money will not be immediately taken from your account, but rather put on reserve until the invoice from the vendor is received by SGA.

5. SGA will then issue a Purchase Order (PO). You can either make arrangements for SGA to mail the PO to the vendor directly or hold it for you to pick-up (See section 8 of the Req). If you deliver the PO to the vendor in person, depending on your arrangements with that vendor, you may pick up the goods/services at that time. If the vendor gives you the original invoice, please be sure to submit it to Student Government Accounting for payment.

The issuance of the ASUCLA Purchase Order to the vendor confirms that all items and details listed will be supplied and, in turn, be paid for by ASUCLA.

6. Once the vendor receives our PO, they will then follow through on the order in accordance to any arrangements previously made. If merchandise is shipped directly to your department, make sure to submit the packing slip and/or invoice to SGA. This will ensure prompt payment to the vendor.

Once the invoice is received by SGA, it will then be processed and the money that was originally placed into reserve will be used to pay the vendor according to the PO.

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