SGA - How to Access Your Money

2.5.1 Receiving Personal Reimbursements

Occasionally, when no cash has been advanced and no requisition has been approved, an unforeseen expenditure must be made. The use of personal funds is discouraged if the individual plans to be reimbursed from program funds, as they could be exhausted by the time a reimbursement request is submitted or as a commissioner may not approve the expenditure. An individual takes a high risk in advancing program money from his own pocket.

However, if such expenditure is necessary in an emergency, the reimbursement procedure is as follows: The individual must complete a requisition following the Student Government Accounting guidelines. Attach the original receipt(s) to the requisition. Receipts must state where and when items were purchased and must list the items. Cash register receipts must have items printed adjacent to each amount listed.

In order to qualify as support for expenditures must meet the following specific criteria as established by ASUCLA and University auditors, each receipt must:

  • - Specify the name of the store where the purchases occurred.
  • - Provide a complete list of the purchased items.
  • - Indicate the date of the purchase.
  • - Marked "Paid" by the vendor.

  • - List the items purchased next to the amounts.
  • - Be those which the vendor normally issues during the course of their business. Receipts cannot be hand-written.
  • - Photocopies of receipts are not acceptable.

Receipts that do not meet the above requirements will be considered unacceptable for reimbursement.

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