SGA - How to Access Your Money

1.3 How Your Req is Channeled

1) Your General Requisition (REQ) must include the complete name, address, zip code/mail code, and telephone number of the vendor or person to be paid/reimbursed. Also, include explicit instructions as to what is being purchased (an itemized list, event name, location, date and event time).

2) Submit, for approval, your completed General Requisition to:

  • a. For Commissions: Your Commissioner
  • b. For Student Advocacy Group: The President of your group
  • c. For any other officially recognized student organizations: Your Director

3) Once your department official has approved the General Requisition he/she must now submit it to the Finance Committee/Budget Review Director/Programming Fund Director for approval.

4) The Finance Committee/Budget Review/Programming Fund Director will submit the approved General Requisition to the Student Government Accounting Office, (332 Kerckhoff Hall).

5) Student Government Accounting will verify that all transactions are valid and are within the: USAC Bylaws, ASUCLA Guidelines, and the UCLA Activities Guideline. Student Government Accounting will also seek the advice of your advisor when necessary.

6) Once your General Requisition has been approved by SGA, one of the following transactions will occur:

  • a. The "REQ" can be used to make a purchase within ASUCLA (i.e., Student Media, The UCLA Store, ASUCLA Catering, ASUCLA Health Sciences Store, and Lu Vulle Commons Students' Store).
  • b. A Purchase Order (P.O.) will be typed (please allow two days for processing) for purchases at The UCLA Computer Store, Regents UC, or for an Off-Campus Vendor (Outside Vendor).
  • c. A Check will be typed for an Honorarium (for services rendered), Expense Advance, Reimbursement, or for payment of an invoice.

Please feel free to call (310) 825-3662 or stop by our office (332 KH) for assistance.

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