SGA - How to Access Your Money

2.9 Stipends

Student Government is by its nature, "Voluntary." As such, the elected and appointed positions held by members of USA do not fit into the normal job classifications utilized by the Associated Students UCLA. Therefore, these positions are usually awarded a monthly "stipend" that is not intended to fully compensate for work performed or services rendered.

All stipend receiving individuals must fill out the New Hire Form packet available at the SGA office. Once completely filled out, the individual must bring the packet back to SGA along with their approved proof of identification for the I-9. The completed New Hire Form packet will be processed and the individual will be placed into the ASUCLA Payroll system. Individuals can elect to receive their stipend in bi-weekly amounts or one lump sum each quarter. For help with your New Hire Form packet, refer to section 2.9.1.

In addition, all non-elected appointments for positions receiving a stipend funded by USA Membership Fees and/or funded by the University of California must be approved.

Once each quarter, ASUCLA performs an eligibility check, to confirm the status of each student on the payroll of the student governments. ASUCLA policy stipulates that all ASUCLA student positions be filled only by currently enrolled, regular session UCLA students.

In order for an individual to receive a stipend, there a few steps in setting up the organization's budget for the stipend.

First and foremost, the organization needs to have a signatory form on file with SGA.

Second, the organization needs to transfer the funds into a separate account for stipends with a budget transfer form. You will need to be able to read your account number off of the budget report to fill out the form. See our account number guide for help with your account number. Someone on the signatory form needs to sign the budget transfer and then submit the budget transfer to the appropriate fund director. For SOOF, it's FiCom. You can either take it directly to the fund director, or submit it to their folder in SGA. (FiCom's folder is the gold one.)

**If individuals miss the deadline for either Fall or Winter quarter stipends, they are ineligible for retroactive pay, however their stipend amounts can be adjusted. However, keep in mind, there is a cap for stipend amounts for individuals.

Third, the organization needs to submit a list of the individuals that will be receiving a stipend. This can be a word document that is simply submitted with the individuals' name, position in the organization, stipend amount and state whether the person will be getting paid bimonthly or quarterly. Keep in mind, the total of the stipends cannot exceed 60% of the allocated budget amount.

Fourth, each individual receiving a stipend must fill out a New Hire Form packet that is available for pick up at SGA. Each individual must fill it out and come back to SGA with their I-9 identification in original form. No faxes or photocopies. The I-9 form is a government form that we are simply complying with, so we must follow protocol. For more details regarding the different paperwork within the New Hire Form packet, see section 2.9.1. The deadline for the New Hire Form packet is Wednesday of 5th week of each quarter. If you miss the deadline, you will not eligible for stipends for that quarter.

You are now done setting up stipends for your organization. If an individual is interested in receiving their stipend through direct deposit, they need to go to ASCULA payroll (219 KH) and follow their direct deposit procedure.

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