SGA - Resources and Forms

USA Check Register - A list of checks being mailed out and available for pick-up at our office. This form is updated every Monday and Thursday to reflect the additional checks that will be released on the following Tuesday or Friday respectively.

USA Problem REQ Register - A list of REQ forms that cannot be processed for one or more reasons listed. If there is a delay with your REQ, chances are that it's on this list!

What's a Req Tutorial - This is online handbook for students to access with detailed explanations and instructions to reqs (Reimbursements, Honorarium, Cash Advances, and Purchase Orders) and for all other aspects of SGA. For a downloadable document, please click here  (PDF).

Student Group Department Numbers  (PDF) - A list of every department number assigned to each student group or organization that has an account with SGA. Knowing your department number will help facilitate the processing of your req and also help the SGA staff answer any questions.

Account Number Help  (PDF) - Shows an account number with each section labeled with an example of a group's account number as depicted on budget report and on a req.

Signatory Form  (PDF) - Each student organization must have a signatory form on file with SGA. Only those in the appropriate positions within the organization may authorize expenditures. These individuals are those that must sign their student organization's reqs under "signatures," approving the req.

How to Fill Out a Req  (PDF) - A guide that shows students section by section how to fill out a req in addition to an introduction to how a req is processed.

Budget Transfer Form  (PDF) - The form needed to transfer funds from one account to another. This form must be submitted with signatures authorizing the transfer before reqs will be processed.

Honorarium Contract  (PDF) - This honorarium contract must be signed by the performer/service providing entity in order for the req to be processed; the first attachment to an Honorarium.

W-9 Tax Form  (PDF) - A Standard IRS form that must be filled out by the performer/service providing entity in order for the req to be processed; the second attachment to an Honorarium.

"Paid for by USAC" logos  - USAC logo for use on official documents.

"Paid for by ASUCLA" logo  - The ASUCLA logo is to be used on BOD/USA official documents and other ASUCLA programming funds.

ASUCLA Tax ID Letter Request Form  (PDF) - This form enables USAC Offices and Commissions who solicit or have received donations from Vendors or Individual Persons to provide the donor with proof of ASUCLA's non-profit status. This is also the form to fill out if a donor requests a W-9 Form or Letter of Determination.

T-Shirt Cheat Sheet  (PDF) - Guidelines for purchasing T-shirts with money from SOOF/SGOF.

Last Updated Saturday, May 26th, 2018